A variety of brands of bed linen in the Australian market is impressive. Of course, a rich assortment - that's fine, except that determine the choice of customers is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, online shop Elan Linen to the choice of products is extremely selective, offering its clients linens only reliable, trusted brands, whose products combine an affordable price, high quality and attractive design.

All Brands of Australia


Australian brand, fully justifies its name. Elegant sets of jacquard and satin, luxury bedding and natural viscose rayon worthy of attention even royals. Ardor prefers noble colors and fine finishing. Pearl, peach, coffee shades restrained embroidery, double stitching edge pillowcases and quilt covers clearly hints that before your product class.

It is important that buy real masterpieces of textile art can afford to people with any level of income. And if we are talking about the present, the set of brand Ardor - it is best that you can give to you dear people. Especially because the manufacturer has not forgotten about presentable package - all products are delivered in recognizable brand suitcases on the padlock.

Designers Choice

Designers Choice, who for 10 years on the Australian market was able to please everyone: a greater variety of fabrics and colors you will not find in any of the other brand. In the production of bedding used satin and jacquard, artificial and natural silk. The color range includes all conceivable colors: beige and cream, gold and silver, purple and blue. So varied and prints, among which you will find images of cartoon characters for kids under the umbrella of their sub brand named Designers Choice Junior and masterpieces of world architecture, representatives of the world of flora and fauna, sophisticated eastern and geometric patterns.

Phase 2

Linens this brand appeared in Australia recently, but Phase 2 brand products are simply doomed to success. They feature: used tissues and technology, design and decoration. Luxury satin jacquard and rayon This Night, thanks to the unique weave, are smooth and high strength. Satin set to seal securely stores the secret of his painting, which allows the laundry to maintain color stability even after 300 washings. This Night - one of the fastest growing Australian brands. And to predict what will please their customers the company in the new collections, is anyone's guess.


Another brand comes from Australia, presented by the online store Elan Linen in all its diversity. Apartmento prefers natural materials, with an emphasis on European quality of its products. Even in the collection of satin fabric is used by only 30% consisting of polyester. Apartmento designers have taken care of that in the collections of the brand; each buyer was able to find a set that matches his taste. Bright satin bed linen focused on the cheerful, active buyers, are not afraid of bold decisions in the interior. Jacquard combines elegance and nobility, Tapestry Kits - people's choice of practical and not prone to impulsive decisions.


In the production of bed linen Christy brand uses only premium satin made from organic cotton grown in Central Asia. Products brand has an amazing quality tailoring, find a flaw in which it is practically impossible. Design solution Collections Wall-to-Wall, despite their diversity, always recognizable: ethnic ornaments, surprisingly, organically combined with calm and even muted colors, presenting a unique compromise between Western and Eastern cultures.