How often, choosing a set of bed linen you're frantically trying to remember the advice of psychologists and astrologers, scientists and spirituality on the color gamut? Complex division of all shades of yin and yang on a popular Chinese system of Feng Shui, the basic tenets of a new science - color therapy and even calculations Austrian scientists, convinces us that it is the color of linen affects the quality of sex life, at this moment merged into a single flow, to understand where the average person simply cannot do.

how to select bed linen color

And ... you have selected set, based on the color scheme of the interior and personal preferences. Oddly enough, but that such purchases are dictated solely by their own feelings, then will please many years without causing irritation and bewilderment on their own solutions. And all because we are all unique: someone annoying bright colors, and someone feels uncomfortable in faded surroundings, for someone bedroom - it's only a place to sleep and someone settles a cozy love nest.

Therefore, buying a set for yourself, listen only to your own feelings. But what if you want to buy bed linen as a gift? There are several options for win-win:

  • Pick up the laundry, in keeping with the color of the interior bedrooms bestow;
  • Try to remember what shades prefers your friend, colleague or relative in their own image. And much more important than the color itself, and its purity and saturation. So, fans of bright clothing most likely are happy cheerful sets of yellow, red, emerald green. And supporters of muted colors muted burgundy rated the product, coffee, pearl and beige shades.

The most difficult to find a gift to the people with whom you are comfortable not too close. In this case, you will gain a good old classic:

  • White kits always look expensive and luxurious, especially in a silk or jacquard design. They will become a worthy gift a young girl and a young woman at a wedding or anniversary;
  • Brown kits usually portrayed men, respectable and successful. This color is associated with the procedure and a high position in society, and yet he is in harmony with the majority of the interior in a classical style.

But the purchase of the kit in black gift is better to abstain - too contradictory feelings of causes in different people. Someone thinks his grim, someone extravagant, but if you do not know for sure bestow opinion, it is better not to risk it.