Australian Brands

There are many brands of home textiles. Our online store specializes in the sale of bed linen and bedding only the Australia's leading brands. Their products are of high quality and meet all modern requirements of the user, making it popular in the Australian market.

All Brands of Australia

It is worth noting that the geography of textiles is wide enough: it is made in Europe and Asia. For the manufacture of bedding are a variety of materials. This is primarily a satin, jacquard, percale, calico, silk natural and artificial; flax, as well as synthetic materials. As a rule, the production of a particular type of textiles is tied to the region in which the raw material is produced. For example, if China - is the birthplace of silk, Egypt and Pakistan - the main exporter of cotton. In spite of this regional, each manufacturer uses to manufacture its wide variety of textile materials and technologies.

If we talk about the bedding, the ruler of one brand can be presented a variety of materials: satin, jacquard, silk and other materials. A part of blankets and pillows just a huge variety of different, depending on their functionality and type. Modern equipment and strict control over the production allow these companies to achieve high quality of all its products.

Of the many products in this category, we have selected the best manufacturers of quality products which are proven over the years. In the catalog of our site you will find the perfect bedding of Australian brands. All renowned Australian brands are very popular and trust.

KAS Australia

KAS - one of the most famous brands sold in Australia today. Also KAS is the leading brand of the company. In turn, KAS has several lines of bed linen, which differ in material and design.

The most popular bedding KAS satin tough, durable material that KAS sensations reminiscent of silk. High quality work, excellent material, a large selection of different designs and affordable price make this line one of the most popular groups of goods from KAS. In the design of its bed linen, the company KAS tried to consider the aesthetic tastes of Australian consumers. Diverse and stylish design satin bedding is really a great success. Everyone will find in this collection that appealed to him.

Cheaper, but no less quality bed linen is available under the brand names KAS.

KAS Room - Here you will find great value for money and is traditionally beautiful rendition. Collection KAS Room made of cotton percale and features bright colors and unique design. This beautiful bed linen will delight you with its practicality.

Bed linen premium represented by line KS Studio. Used in its manufacture luxury satin top quality. Exclusive design - another advantage of this series. All linen KS Studio packaged in a beautiful gift bags, which makes them a perfect gift to yourself and your loved ones.

A large number of bed linen KAS produces for children called KAS Kids. In the children's bedding section used drawings of famous cartoon characters, fairy tales, children's movies and games. It all recognizable and beloved characters such as Winnie the Pooh and his friends, Cars, Spiderman, Shrek, and Mickey Mouse. Used and just popular with children theme - football, animals, cars.


Bianca - another major bedding brand from Australia, which is widely known in Australia. Distinctive features Bianca - a very wide product range, variety of materials and products. Bianca offers its customers: bedding for adults, pillow cases and blankets and bedspreads.

Linens Bianca presented sets of satin, jacquard and artificial silk. With outstanding quality products at very low prices Bianca; for different groups of goods often have discounts in season and out of season. Top Sellers from Bianca has been growing steadily in Australia. Having bought a linen brand Bianca, you will appreciate its beauty and high quality.