Brand "Bambury" group consisting of several companies, which under this brand produces a variety of products in the form of home textiles since 1925, occupying today a leading position in this market segment in Australia.

Towels, comforters, blankets and bedding - this is an incomplete list of production of concern. To date,Bambury offers more than 700 kinds of products. The range is constantly expanding and constantly growing product quality.

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Quilt Cover Bambury produces popular sizes:

  1. Full size kits
  2. Double sets
  3. Family with two blanket,
  4. All in great demand and sets the Euro-sizes.

The bed linen is made as cheap cotton fabrics, and from expensive: satin jacquard, satin.

  • Satin includes a very thin cotton thread with a unique combination of transverse and longitudinal fibers. Applying high technology in cotton ginning and weaving yarn can achieve excellent results and get air fabric quality and appearance is not conceding the lightest sateen.
  • Bedsheets of such material is smooth, gentle, and easily breathable and absorbs moisture. And most importantly, it is not electrified, does not collect and does not create dust and is hypoallergenic.
  • Used for the manufacture of high-quality cotton from Egypt and Pakistan - are the best areas of cotton production.

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Buying brand products "Bambury", you give yourself and your family a fabulous night and good health. It can be monotonous and linens, and with a bright pattern, but still - consistently high quality.