Quilted bedspreads - familiar, but no less eye-catching element of the bedroom. Its main advantages include the ability to mask all irregularities bed, making room will always look very carefully, which cannot be achieved with thin curtains.

Quilted bedspreads


The use of heaters allows the product to perform not only a decorative function, but, if necessary, serve as an additional blanket. Quilted bedspreads can be both unilateral and bilateral, and tissue from different directions may differ not only in color but in texture. This option is especially good for a creative, brooking no monotony.


Design quilted bedspreads primarily depends on the characteristics of the stitches. It can be classic diamonds and squares, circles and lines. Such models, one-design look stern and reserved, perfectly combined with the interior in the style of hi-tech and minimalism. But if the designer does not use a solid piece of fabric, and chose to do in the art quilt, bedspread simple stitches will be more appropriate in country houses and bedrooms in country style.

Refined and elegant look products with stitches in the form of intricate designs. It is not just the bedding, it is - a work of textile art that can decorate any bedroom. If he tends to interior luxury, do not be afraid to pick up the veil, quilted with gold or silver threads. They give the room a special, with nothing comparable chic.


In the online bed linen store you can pick Kas quilt covers different sizes of up to 160x220 270x270 centimeters popular brands KAS, Bianca, Bambury, and Designers Choice. They can be self-colored and multi-color, with fine repeating pattern and be adorned with large bold print. When selecting a model, designers are advised to pay attention to the size and level of illumination of the room, the room color scheme and furniture.


Thus, owners of small bedrooms should abandon large and bright patterns on the bedspread, preferring neutral monotonous model, combining the color of the wallpaper and flooring. If the window of the room facing north, add warm notes, picking up the veil of golden or peach shade, it will give the room a feeling of comfort and adds light. Be careful with tucks and cords, eyelets and bows. They are relevant only if the sound in unison with elements of furniture and decor.