The importance of quality sleep in our lives has been known for quite a lot. Most adults sleep 6-8 hours a day, or as you may have heard, one-third of their lives. Therefore, most people use a mattress more than other things. Do you sleep well at night? How do you know if that helps you relax your mattress or prevent it? When you decide it's time to upgrade your mattress, do you know where to go and what model to buy? These are very important questions, and this manual is to help you answer them.

Is It Time To Buy A New Mattress?

According to the International Association for Sleep Products (ISPA), a good mattress can be used for 8-10 years. This is only a rough estimate, as there are many other factors (age not only), which affect the degree of deterioration of the mattress. The following are warning signs that perhaps it is time to replace the mattress:Mattress online and mattress toppers

  • Do you feel the spring, when lying on a mattress?
  • Probed whether metal mattress frame parts?
  • Is your mattress is comfortable in some places, but awkward in others?
  • The surface of the spring block uneven or sagging, you feel the springs along its surface?
  • Your mattress is too soft? Does your back feel support?
  • Your mattress is too hard, and this is the reason that your hands and feet go numb when you sleep on your side or stomach?
  • Is it large enough mattress? Maybe you are too high for a standard size mattress, or if you need more space for you and your spouse?

These problems do not always mean that you need a new mattress. Here are some signs that the better to check the quality of the spring block and your mattress, bed and stand:

  • Noticeable if your mattress visible signs of wear and tear?
  • Do you roll down to the middle of the bed?
  • Do you hear crackling or other noise in the mattress when tossing and turning?
  • Swings and sways whether there mattress from side to side when you move him?

Now For The Bed:

  • Check your bed. Quality bed provides sufficient support for the mattress and spring unit, eliminating the slack, the usual bed for a lower quality.
  • Often the reason is the looseness of the creaking bed sides to the back. Whether they are attached securely? Easily if they are separated, allowing the unit to sag spring or fall to the floor? Do you have your bed stand with legs? Stands for Double mandatory and recommended for single.

None of the above argument is not a direct proof of the fact that you need a new mattress, but they are a good reason for buying a new mattress, along with mattress toppers especially if you do not feel rested after sleep. On the quality of your sleep can affect a variety of reasons, and the mattress - not the only one.