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Shop bedding provides unlimited choice sets of different textures, sizes and colors, pleasing the eye bright colors, and the body - a nice touch. Here at Elan Linen you can easily buy bedding, choose and purchase a gift on the delivery day of the wedding, such as luxurious silk double bed set, or please the parents and the baby on the day of the christening of baby bedding sets made of natural cotton. If you are looking for quilt covers or doona covers, the set of quilts or doonas made of natural linen will give you a sense of coolness in the heat and make your sleep more pleasant, and in the cold season will wrap comfort.
Especially for small dormice our online store is a collection of baby bedding from environmentally friendly fabrics. To make it easier to select recall that the kits are available in three sizes - for children, one and a half and a double.


Therefore, in order to make your body get the most use out of sleep, you should pay attention to the use of bed linen from natural fabrics that provide air circulation and thus allow the skin to breathe. In addition, breathable fabric is removed excess moisture that can get rid of this annoying factor as feeling damp skin. Recommend choosing linens fabrics that have proven themselves over the centuries, such as cotton, linen, silk, calico and modern materials: bamboo is satin, jacquard.


Coloring tissue plays a key role in the choice of bedding; it is a fact, however, should take into account the quality of the dye, which was done drawing on the material. After all, it is important that the paint is not imprinted on the body, does not cause allergic reactions, and was resistant to washing and ultraviolet. It is natural, safe and healthy and resistant to mechanical stress used in the production process, which is represented in our online shop.

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