Saving of time

Buying a set of bed linen (PBC) - a simple and successful way to please you and loved ones. Where you can buy good bedding? On the tray, in-store or better to order? Buying bedding online store through a distinct advantage.


Buying bedding online store bed linen, you save your precious time: no need to run around town to find the right kit. Buy bedding can be sitting at a computer - in no time it will bring home at a convenient time. And with options for colors, sizes and materials have the ability to read directly on the site. In addition, bedding online store supplies at more attractive prices than you can buy in the normal textile boutique, and with fast delivery.

online bed linen store

Convenient search

Convenient search form Site allows you to quickly find the right kit; you just specify the parameters of interest. We are always happy to help in the selection of linens: you can compare the price and quality of coloring material different sets on a single monitor to select, in your opinion, the best. The information provided in the product description is much more detailed than the one that will give the seller at the store.

Consultants are always happy to answer questions about the color or size you liked the kit, in addition to the site you will find useful information about companies and brands, sizes of bed linen, materials and their properties.

Large assortment

The range of bedding placed on the site is much wider than in ordinary shops. In the catalog include bed linen from flax, silk, satin, jacquard knitwear, calico, percale and innovative materials such as bamboo and fashion. A huge variety of colors and designs allows for maneuvering in the choice of bed linen. Fashionable and luxury linens, original and classic design, bright saturated and soft pastel colors, different materials and textures - even the most demanding customer will find what he needs. So, silk bedding is better to buy from the online store, where it is much cheaper than anywhere else was not in Melbourne.

As a rule, it would be desirable to bedroom interior was designed in the same style. Buying bedding in stores, it is very difficult to make a harmonious, unified style set. On this site you can immediately buy bedclothes suitable covers or curtains that are ideal for the kit. It is very convenient and saves time.

After all, there is no need to scour the Melbourne to find the right colors.

Wide range of sizes available bedding allows you to choose a kit that will be perfect "sit" on the bed. For two people in the online store you can buy bed linen euro size and marital bed linen, blanket covers two (for those who do not like to sleep under one).

Fast delivery

Our task is to get you in the comfort of home, comfort, could buy the best linens. Online bed linen store takes care of that delivery is faster at a convenient time and place. With this, you essentially save on shipping. After all, pillows and blankets are unlikely metro. And we will deliver them home as soon as possible. For residents of the regions online store offers the service - linen-mail, with the terms of which are located in the section "Payment and delivery."