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Hand Knotted Rugs and Machine Knotted Rugs

Tuesday, 13 December 2016 8:47:05 PM Australia/Sydney

To any individual it is hard to differentiate between handmade Rugs and machine made Rugs. This guide will help you comprehend the distinctions and give you the benefit of settling on an educated purchasing choice when looking for Rugs.


Hand knotted Rugs can be made of fleece, cotton, silk, jute and other characteristic materials. Silk is here and there used as a part of fleece carpets for the blueprints or highlights of the example to improve the plan. Hand hitched and hand-woven carpets can last many eras on the off-chance that they are of good quality and legitimately kept up.


Additionally called Asian floor coverings, hand-woven Rugs are often collectibles. The nature of these Rugs relies on upon various variables, such as, the bunch tally, colors used and nature of the yarns. Hand Knotted Rugs are normally more exorbitant, yet the life expectancy of these Rugs is more prominent and in this way more often than not a superior esteem for your cash.


There is definitely doubtlessly a decent handcrafted Rugs is large preferable quality over a machine-made floor covering in practically every way except that doesn't settle on them the best decision in each circumstance.


Hand-made Rugs need a level of ability that simply following a while of practice would you is able to plan to carry out and due to this these Rugs ought to be viewed as more along the lines of craftsmanship and their cost mirrors this.


A decent quality hand-made carpet will endure forever and many are passed on from era to era and are often a family's prize ownership. Handcrafted floor coverings are produced using quality characteristic materials, such as, fleece, silk, or cotton.


The nature of hand-hitched floor coverings is dictated by the size and some bunches and will deliver a mat with heap for delicate quality and solace. Hand-woven floor coverings don't have heap so are most in walkways where they are not typically used to sit on.


As decent as carefully assembled floor coverings are not everybody can legitimize burning through thousands on something to toss on the ground and this is the place machine-made mats venture in. They are much less expensive may now last a few decades if dealt with.


Machine knotted Rugs could be delivered in a matter of hours or even less instead of years and can likewise be recreated ordinarily.


In spite of the fact that these Rugs don't need a high ability level to made large just people learned in carpets will have the potential to figure out whether it is hand-made or machine-made thus unless you particularly need a Rug to hand down or are pursuing the uniqueness of a carefully assembled show-stopper then a machine-made mat will no doubt fulfill every one of your needs.

Machine Made Rugs

Machine made Rugs produced by extensive machines called control looms. A power linger is electrically robotics and controlled by PCs. Machine made mats could be made rapidly and produced with materials including fleece and engineered strands, such as, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic and craftsmanship silk.


Machine made carpets can offer a lower value contrasting option to hand hitched mats. Machine made mats as a rule have a life expectancy of around 20 years or less, contingent upon the quality and fiber used. For instance an excellent machine-made fleece floor covering can keep going for a considerable length of time on the off-chance that it is all around kept up. Machine made floor coverings are not of any esteem to an authority.


Hand knotted Rugs

When you buy a hand-hitched Rug, this implies a gifted weaver independently tied each bunch, this making an exceptional carefully assembled mat. That is the thing that makes hand-tied Rugs so uncommon, and that is the thing that makes them a lot more costly than every single other kind of zone carpets. Contingent upon what some bunches are in every square inch (50 to 160 bunches for each inch is normal, 400 for each square inch is astounding), it can take over a year for one weaver to finish a 9x12 Rugs


Fleece, silk and cotton are the three essential materials that are joined to make a hand-hitched Rug. Fleece is the most used material. New Zealand and South Korean fleeces are regularly blended with neighborhood fleeces since they have more lanolin, which includes sheen, quality and suppleness. Silk used basically four highlight since it is not as solid and is more costly. Cotton is here and there used as a part of the establishment, however is not found in the heap. The blend of these materials makes for a to a great degree solid floor covering.


In the event that the cost of a silk floor covering sounds pipe dream, the carpet is presumably made of cotton or rayon. Request that the Rug dealer pull a strand of string from the carpet and smolder. On the off-chance that it's silk, it will have an aroma similar to blazing hair. Copied rayon and cotton will have an aroma similar to copied paper.


Hand-tied floor coverings can withstand high movement, and will start to destroy following at least 20 years of use. High movement ranges join corridors, family room and portal. Medium movement ranges join the lounge area and home office. Low activity zones incorporate rooms and formal front room.

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Different Sizes Of Comforter Sets

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 8:52:22 PM Australia/Sydney

Comforter sizes can entirely befuddle, since the comforters is by the sizes don't coordinate up precisely (or even especially well) to your sleeping cushion. Ruler sofa sizes are especially vexing; to some degree since a few producers see twofold (full) and queen comforter sets as tradable, while others don't. It's sadly not bizarre to buy a comforter, just to discover it’s too little (most regular) or too huge (less basic) for your specific sleeping cushion and needs.


  • Single: 91 × 191 cm | 36 × 75 in
  • Double: 137 × 191 cm | 54 in × 75 in
  • Queen: 152 × 203 cm | 60 × 80 in
  • King: 183 × 203 cm | 72 × 80 in


These are normal sizes that are preferable in Australia. Indeed, these sizes are just rules, and a few makers are now either including a couple of extra inches or shaving inches off of these "standard" sizes.

Buy Comforter Sets Online Australia

Be particularly watchful about extremely feathery sofa-beds, such as, those loaded with down. These tend to puff out the texture so there is much less scope than the measurements recorded on the bundle.

What Size Comforter to Buy?

In the event that you have a twin-sized sleeping cushion, buy a twin-sized sofa. Moreover, if you have a jumbo sleeping cushion, buy an extra-large sofa-bed. In the event that you have a thick sleeping pad, search for sofas at the top end of the measurements recorded in the diagram above.


It gets trickier in the event that you have a full-sized or ruler measured bed. Full-sized sleeping pads can use either a full-sized (twofold measured) or a ruler estimated sofa, despite the fact that on the off-chance that you buy a more extensive ruler sofa-bed for a short bed, you may discover its edges fall nearer to the floor than you wish.


Then again, on the off-chance that you have a ruler measured quaint little in by a comforter marked for both full and ruler utilize, it may not be sufficiently wide to cover your bed enough. For this situation, you might need to shop particularly for the ruler sofa estimate, or if nothing else ensure the full/ruler sofa-bed you're thinking about is on the more extensive side (86" to 88", as opposed to 84").


Some of this may rely on upon the thickness of your sleeping pad, also. In the event that you have an especially thin bed—a futon or something like it—you presumably can escape with a smaller sofa-bed, since you'll need less of it on the sides of your bed. Then again, more current cushion best sleeping pads can be as profound as 14" to 16", and you'll need a more extensive sofa-bed to cover the sides of the bedding totally.


Sleeping pad profanities shift broadly by producer, albeit thicker bedding are much more basic than they were a couple of years earlier. Standard and more established sleeping pads normal somewhere around 9" and 12" profound, which implies they'll work with a standard sofa measure.


A few makers are putting forth "curiously large ruler" and "larger than average lord" comforter sizes inspite of their standard sizes. These sofas have more width for their length: on account of ruler sofa-beds, they're ordinarily around 98" wide, and on account of lord sofa-beds, they're generally around 115" wide. On the off-chance that you need a wide sofa-bed however would prefer not to hop up to the following standard size, these may speak to a decent bargain.

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What is Comforter Sets?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016 7:23:59 PM Australia/Sydney


A comforter set is a thick, stitched, fleecy cover that is utilized to keep you warm. It is typically loaded with manufactured fiber filler which is knitted or sewed to secure the filling and keep it equitably conveyed. Dissimilar to a duvet, the sofa just structures one bit of the majority of your bed cloths. It is expected to sit on top of your sheets and the individuals who need a layered look may incline toward this. Sofas are generally sold in bedding sets that have organizing isolates and makes brightening simple. Looking after your sofa is simple as you can simply put it in the clothes washer with your other sheet material.


A comforter set that is fabricated utilizing down could be exceptionally comfortable and unwinding all things considered, not everybody can utilize these items as they may be hypersensitive to these, and you may require a substitute choice. In the event that you are attempting to locate the best down option sofas, here are a couple focuses to remember. A comforter set is an arrangement of a couple pads, pads, bed skirts, a duvet and bed shams that are all consummately suited to each other and come in coordinating hues. In the event that you attempt to blend and match and buy everything independently,


you may need to spend more cash than if you purchase an arrangement of everything that you require together. It can end up being very sparing. A portion of the top of the line Queen Size sofa-bed sets have been recorded underneath. You can pick the ones that suit you best and introduce them in your room. The fill alludes to the material that you could feel inside the sofa. When you attempt to press a sofa-bed, you will see that there is something inside it that makes it cushioned. This is the fill material. What's more, extravagance sofa-bed sets are additionally victors with regards to the fill. They have high fill control, which is the estimation for the nature of the fill of the sofa-bed. Having high fill control indicates more space, and thusly, more solace. Extravagance sets would more often than not have fill forces of 700 or 800.


You will discover different hues and examples that match each other making a shocking style. You can coordinate a similar accumulation by purchasing different things independently. This might be less expensive for you and you can rely on upon your taste. Make beyond any doubt to coordinate your covers and shoddy sofa-bed sets with materials, pad shams, bed skirts and window adornments for the aggregate outfit. They come in different assortments and hues giving you plentiful of decisions to look over. Select the best and satisfy your stylish yearnings. They come in incredible plans without putting a gap in your pocket. Purchase the right ones and rest in solace! While a quilt cover sets the whole bed and also the case spring zone a bed sofa set is intended to simply sit on the bed, covering the top bedding alone. Another distinction is that sofas are great for the most part for frosty climate since they are intended for just winters, where as quilt is adaptable and can be utilized for any season. On the off chance that it is excessively frosty then you can lay down with both cover and sofa.


Quilts are more agreeable in summer as they are made of thin texture and gives you comfort in hot climate. Adding shading to your house is simple with divider stylistic layout, toss pads, materials, table skirts, towels, new bed sheets and modest sofa sets ruler and also tosses for upholstered furniture. Silk blossom courses of action are likewise another approach to add a touch of shading to any room. Utilize them on tables and shelves and also in divider holders.


At whatever point refurnishing a children room you can likewise put in twin quaint little inns, occasion a twofold inside a young ladies space. Each one of these particular beds can have their own special sheet material acclimated to fit them or, you can go down the course of making utilization of sheets, furthermore bed sofa sets.


These ruler estimate sofa sets can thoroughly change how your room looks. There are numerous hues and materials that you can choose from. There are pastel and in addition brighter shades in addition to various outlines to choose from. Pick the right hues that run with the hues in the room. Have coordinating sheets and cushion shams. Window medicines ought to likewise suit the general shading plan.


At last, it relies on how the individual values the different preferences and impediments of the sets. What might be appropriate in somewhat utilized visitor room might not be right for the main room. The individuals who aren't particular about their sheets might will to give up some smoothness for economy. It's each of the matter of what one enjoys and what he or she may organize.


A comforter (in American English), otherwise called a doona in Australian English, or a mainland sew (or essentially knit) or duvet in British English, is a kind of sheet material made of two lengths texture or covering sewn together and loaded with isolative materials for warmth, customarily down or quills, fleece or cotton.


In comforter sets , mostly filling is used by the wool, silk, polyester or down feathers. Polyester filling comforter is usually warm and silk filling are quite softer. It is stitched very carefully so the filling inside do not disturbed. Its weight is dependent on the amount material used in the filling.


The outer side of the comforter is key element that is usually made by cotton, silk or polyester  blends and designs are printed or embodied on it so it look fascinating.

It is available in mostly every sizes depended on bed sizes like single, double, queen and king sizes.

  • Twin = 64" (163 cm) width × 87" (221 cm) length
  • Queen / Full = 87" (221 cm) width × 87" (221 cm) length
  • King = 101" (257 cm) width × 90" (229 cm) length.

Concerning the embellishing component, then it is consistent with express that every one of the three sheet material assortments offer a plenty of plans and examples to browse, whether it's bed sofa-bed sets, quilts or basically covers. Be that as it may, you will start to perceive that lord sofa sets together with their stitch and duvet partners are significantly costlier contrasted with the more conservative sorts. Remember however that you will decrease costs in the long haul by going for these more costly models while decorating your essential dozing quarters.


On the subject of sofa-bed sets, there is no ideal answer to concerning what kind of sheet material set it is best to settle upon. Simply utilize your own practical, and then pick the one that most nearly fits your character and way of life. Guarantee to lay on top and under the bed sofa to assess regardless of whether it truly feels appropriate for you. Regardless, comfort keeps on being significantly more essential and crucial when contrasted with looks as to picking that flawless sofa-bed set.


Comforter is quite favorable in Australia and there is long list of consumers which prefer buying comforters. It is good in use and gives better result. There are numerous brands that are providing the best made up comforters ever.


MM Linen

Bianca Lorenne

Phase 2


The leading brands of made ups comforter sets. They don’t compromise on quality and they compete on basis of latest designs and trends.

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Beginning Era of Quilts

Tuesday, 2 August 2016 9:57:30 PM Australia/Sydney


Quilt. Customarily made out of three layers of fiber, coverlets comprise of a woven fabric beat, a layer of batting and a woven back, all sewed together in improving examples. Not quite the same as different types of bed blankets since they are for the most part sorted out with numerous bits of material, bedcovers are sometimes found with a solitary bit of fabric on the main (an entire material coverlet).

Where a solitary bit of fabric is utilized for the highest point of a blanket (an entire material knit), the key enlivening component is prone to be the example of sewing, and however where the top is pieced from an interwoven of littler fabric pieces, the example and shade of the pieces will be vital to the configuration.

Verifiably, stitches were as often as possible utilized as bed blankets or filled other practical needs. Be that as it may, the work required in making them and their beautiful potential outcomes has prompted their social significance in numerous spots and times, and they are progressively additionally regarded as a visual fine art.

Uses of Quilts

There are many conventions in reference to the employments of coverlets. Bedcovers might be made or given to stamp critical life occasions, for example, marriage, the introduction of a kid, a relative leaving home, or graduations. Cutting edge bedcovers are not generally planned for use as bedding, and might be utilized as inside decorations, table runners, or tablecloths. Stitching systems are frequently fused into piece of clothing outline too. Quilt appears and rivalries are held locally, territorially, and broadly. There are universal rivalries also, especially in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Little Amsterdam

The main uses of quilts in are:Bedding

  1. Bedding
  2. Embellishment
  3. Protective layer (e.g., the piece of clothing called a gambeson)
  4. Remembrance (e.g., the AIDS Memorial Quilt)
  5. Instruction (e.g., a "Science" quilt or a "Cultivating" quilt)
  6. Crusading
  7. Reporting occasions/social history and so forth
  8. Masterful expression
  9. Blessing
  10. Pledge drive

Standard Quilt Sizes?

  1. Single size 140 x 210 cm
  2. King Single 180 x 210 cm (yes it's the same as a double!)
  3. Double 180 x 210 cm
  4. Queen 210 x 210 cm
  5. King 240cm x 210 cm

To What Extent Ought To a Bedcover Last?

 Like pads, the future of a blanket is for the most part subject to what kind of coverlet it is. By and large shabby polyester quilts have an existence of anyplace between 2-5 years relying on the amount it is utilized and what nature of spread it comes sewed with. A decent quality polyester quilt (typically with a superior quality polyester filling or even treated polyester filling for sensitivities), will most recent 5 years in addition to.

Washing a Quilt

To what extent you can keep your bedcover is additionally affected by how frequently have you washed it in a year? For the most part, polyester blankets of numerous types can easily be launder  ought to be washed no less than 2-4 times each year! Why? Much the same as some other sheet material thing, they do catch dust, bugs and particles of skin.

Fleece and quilts based Quilts will require cleaning and a decent airing incidentally. It is prescribed to launder once you have completed with these items for the season and before you put them away.

GSM and Filling

Quilt thickness or thickness is measured by "gsm" (grams per square meter). The thickness of the filling and the kind of filling decide how warm the blanket is.

By and large microfiber quilts between 150-300gsm are on the more slender side and appropriate for hotter months (contingent on your atmosphere obviously). Stitches more appropriate for winter are ordinarily in the 400-600 gsm range if microfiber or fleece based, and 700-1400 for the plume based bedcovers. Plume based blankets can have fundamentally the same as gsms regardless of the possibility that a bedcover for winter versus more hotter months in light of the fact that the weight doesn't change, yet the fill sort (ie more down than quill) may. You will likewise locate a comparing relationship on cost and quality with gsm. Less expensive bedcovers have a lower gsm for the most part though more costly stitchs have a higher gsm.

Various bedcover makers additionally utilize a 'high space' (proportionate to 2-3 covers, 450 gsm), 'light space' (identical to 1-2 covers 300gsm) or 'super space' (equal to 3-5 covers 500gsm) rating. This is to help clients in deciding warmth element. 'Light Loft' is thusly a reasonable summer cover and high/super are more for cooler evenings.

Embroiled coverlets are another name for Polyester sews and are the most prevalent around due as they are not costly. They for the most part have a cotton sewed spread with a polyester filling. Some of these polyester stitches even have treated polyester filling for hypersensitivity sufferers. Less expensive polyester coverlets are around 150-250gsm level (i.e. a normal measure of filling). Polyester nowadays is significantly more breathable than of old. There's nothing amiss with a spending polyester quilt for summer despite the fact that obviously, it isn't going to last the same number of years as more costly microfiber variations.

Eco Fill Quilts

There are a couple of Australian makers delivering exceptionally imaginative blankets utilizing eco-accommodating fills like reused plastic or eucalyptus or bamboo fiber. For those looking for an ecologically stable decision, you can't go past these sorts of blankets and they play out the same occupation and more in keeping you warm and comfortable. They have more noteworthy points of interest of against sensitivity properties and minimize microscopic organisms due to their common intrinsic properties of the fill and fabric. In situations of high dampness/mugginess, these are simply flawless as standard cotton fabric can breed mold.

Quilting Styles in Early Ages 

North America


It represent Amish life style, they usually use solid color quilts and light weight wool fabric there elements use in the quilts are way different then the modern world.


you can easily distinguish by its name because there pieces are irregular place. There are quite refined and placed into luxury category. They are heavily embodied with unique style, it took quite a time to stitch a single crazy quilt ,it usually use for show piece not just to put on the bed because they are quite the expensive


 It is the combination of west and African styles. As the textiles goods were traded in Africa heavily. In the 1980s, consistent increase in the art quilting in America, new innovative designs was brought to African-American traditions.


They are whole cloth quilts they are not stitched by pieces. Common color of Hawaiian quilt is red. Some of the Hawaiian quilts were used for decorative point of view to.

Pictorial quilts are intriguing in that they frequently contain unique examples and symbolism. Rather than uniting fabric in a theoretical or designed outline, they utilize bits of fabric to make objects on the blanket, bringing about a photo based bedcover. They were frequently endeavored.


All through China, a straightforward technique for delivering bedcovers is utilized. It includes setting up a provisional site. At the site, an edge is amassed inside which a cross section work of cotton string is made. Cotton batting, either new or recovered from disposed of blankets, is set up in a versatile checking machine.

Bangladeshi Quilts

Bangladeshi coverlets, known as Kantha, are not sorted out. Or maybe, they comprise a few bits of fabric sewn together with beautiful weaving lines. They are made out of exhausted garments (saris) and are chiefly utilized for bedding, in spite of the fact that they might be utilized as an improving piece too. They are made by ladies chiefly in the Monsoon season before winter.

Egyptian khayamiya

Khayamiya is a type of suspended tent adornment or compact material screen utilized crosswise over North Africa and the Middle East. It is a fine art particular to Egypt, where they are still sewn by hand in the Street of the Tentmakers (Sharia Khayamiya) in Cairo. Whilst Khayamiya look like blankets, they regularly have an overwhelming back layer and fine top layer of appliqué, without a focal protecting layer.

 Modern Style Quilts

Fab linen, Official house of brands and best quality products, work innovatively to bring latest designs products.

Fab has the stocks of modern designs and best suited for home wares. There is a long lists of brands of quilts that joined with Fab the leading home ware store in Australia, with fastest delivery and with easy money back guarantee.

Modern styles are usually soft and such designs to makes home décor improve.

Polly fiber quilt covers are used in modern era because they are warm and better for low temperature environment

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Maintenance Tips For Healthy Quilt

Monday, 11 July 2016 5:19:24 PM Australia/Sydney

After you purchase a quilt, it is not to let it on the bed for years. For a comforter remains healthy and effective several years, some tips are needed.


Shop online Doonas or Quilts Online Australia


  • Regularly ventilate the quilt, shake it and spread it to make it take the swelling and remove dander.
  • Wash it once a year. Synthetic quilts fine support machine washing. For natural quilts, prefer the dry cleaning that does not break the fibers.
  • To prevent mold, let dry the quilt once cleaned.
  • Choose anti-bacterial treated quilts.
  • Do not beat the quilts and do not use a vacuum cleaner at the risk of breaking the fibers and structure.
  • If the quilt is stained, use a little soap diluted in warm water. Let dry. And try to use the doona coves to save it from the stains.
  • Do not overuse cleaning products when washing the quilt, this will only lubricate and increase the fiber that would breathe more.


Recycle end of life quilt


If your quilt is really in bad shape, drop it in waste disposal.

If your comforter has held the shock of years, wash properly and place it in a rescue center or social assistance that helps people in need. You can also give the exchange or sell on online in Australia!

Finally, you can also give to those who takes care our animal friends which may well need blankets to warm...

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What Protect You In Winters!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 5:51:33 PM Australia/Sydney

What is the best protection from the cold in the harsh winter season? A blanket! And who will protect the blanket from dirt and dust? This will only quilt cover, which is purchased separately according to the size.



Which quilt and quilt cover do you choose? Today there are many variations of this type of component sizes: 200 to 220, a semi, Euro 220x240 designed for adults and children's beds. But the most important parameter is the taste of the user:

Does he want to buy an economical quilt cover for children or for adults instead of a bed set?


Will choose the material meticulously colour?

Will look for the most delicate fabric?

We say, "Yes!" Such a serious approach. Because comfort in the bedroom is very important. And to find quilt covers (double and the other sizes) from a wonderful satin, tencel, cotton, jacquard fabrics today is not difficult. Where to buy Euro size quilt cover (separately) of satin and others?


All bedding kits and parts Our Company (Fab Linen) sell best single, double quilt covers in the online store!


We work with any queries: need a quilt cover size 200 euros or 220, satin or Tencel? Or you want to get a jacquard quilt cover? No problem – we have huge range of quilt covers. Buy a quilt cover decorate with lace edging or any colour.

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Bed linen Patterns at Elan Linen

Friday, 17 June 2016 5:43:43 PM Australia/Sydney

On our site we are engaged in the sale of bed linen in Australia. By purchasing quality linens, sewn from natural materials by our brand partners, you choose comfort and convenience, a full and healthy holiday for your entire family. When choosing bedding, you must pay attention to the tissue from which it is sewn, and also pick up you feel comfortable with the colour and pattern. Set beautiful bed linen - it is also a useful practical gift, very nice linen look, and children will love the bedding featuring favorite cartoon characters.



Many brands are offering to buy bedding which is soft, silky, perfectly "breathes", and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, easy to wash. Same Bed linen we have for children.


We have bedding which will be pleased to cool the body in hot weather and warm in the cold. We sell jacquard higher price for bed linen. This fabric, which has in its composition of both natural and synthetic fibers, falls into the category of luxury. Its structure and a complex weaving of yarns resemble tapestry. Bed linen jacquard very nice, pleasant to the touch, characterized by strength and durability.


If you prefer to cotton, you can buy bed linen of calico. This thick solid, creasing fabric perfectly preserves the color. Bed linen from coarse calico environmentally friendly, hygienic, well-washed and do not shrink, easy to iron, durable.


Percale - a thin but very sturdy cotton fabric having a plain weave threads. Bed linen percale in quality closer to silk or satin, it can withstand more than 1,000 washes. Percale - very durable, but soft and smooth cloth. Products here at our site offered to help you choose a brand which is carrying out the favorite designs and patterns of bed linen in Australia, and the price range in which you will like.

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Why Do We Have To Buy A Cheap Rug?

Monday, 13 June 2016 7:29:50 PM Australia/Sydney

There are some circumstances that affect the price of a rug, for example, our company Fab Linen is engaged in wholesale of rugs. Due to the fact that we sell rugs wholesale and there are no intermediaries, no costs for transportation and other organizational issues, we can afford to put a retail price of rugs in Australia, inexpensive, with a minimum margin, not overstating prices.



Sale of rugs over the Internet shop automatically makes rugs and rug cheaper because online store does not require those costs that need regular stores. Further, in our online store and sell shares are held by which a good rug and rug can be bought cheaply - with a good discount.


We especially love repeat customers, so on your next purchase regular customers get a good discount. Of course, we do not go around with their attention and first buyers. For you have the opportunity to purchase a second rug with more discounts. With this discount, you can use a different way: to unite with one another and make a general order for one person and offer to share for two. We also have good conditions of delivery of rugs. If you live in Melbourne, delivery will be free for you!


There is a perception among the Australians that if the item is expensive, then it is good, and if affordable, the poor, respectively. This opinion is often used deliberately exaggerating price and selling goods in the three-road. But if the thing is not expensive, it does not always mean that it is of poor quality. You are looking at a cheap price and in doubt ... How do you know that the goods are really good quality? The answer to this question lies in literacy and education in a particular field.


Only if you are familiar with something, you can give a correct estimate of something. You are well versed in cars? Then you will easily find the cause of failure. If you are really good at a certain product, for example, in the rugs, you will really be able to appreciate all its qualities and understand: whether the price corresponds to the quality, and overstated or understated price.


Therefore, before buying a rug, we recommend that you gather as much info as possible, read reviews, articles, and on the basis of these data, draw their own conclusions. Thus, you can be sure of any of its purchase price and are confident in the quality, but also that the cheapest price is not an indicator of low quality goods, as well as the high price - not an indicator of high-quality... For example, you buy cheap rug ... Maybe just because you're in luck: you are in the right place at the right time.


Therefore, a quality rug buy cheap in Australia - this is not a myth, it is a reality. And this reality exists in our online rug store "Fab Linen". Welcome to our world of rugs!

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Shaggy Rugs Shopping and Care

Saturday, 4 June 2016 4:36:15 PM Australia/Sydney

History does not remember the time when deep shag rugs were not particularly popular. They always look luxurious in the bedrooms and children's rooms and living rooms. Shaggy rugs are able to make any room a cozy. And go on such a rug - a heavenly pleasure, agree?

Now you can buy any size of the shaggy rug.



Shaggy rugs are made of two kinds of materials:

  • Synthetic - viscose, polyester
  • Natural - cotton yarn, wool

The rugs with long pile of handmade produced in Pakistan and China. They are usually distinguished by original design and excellent quality.

What you need to know?


1. Choosing a rug with a long nap, pay attention to the elasticity of its fibers - gently push the pile and drop it. The faster he straightens, the higher the elasticity of the pile.


Naturally, the better carpet pile with elastic. Since it will last longer. And do not lose the pristine appearance.


2. Carefully read the label carpet. It must be specified weight to its pile. The more it is, the better the product. It is also important to the density was quite high.


And how to clean it?

Manufacturers do not recommend washing only use vacuum cleaner. But what do you do?

During warmer months, knock out a shaggy rug on the street, hanging it on a pipe or a solid stick. And in the winter - clean the carpet with snow (in the old :)).

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Choose Rugs Primarily According To Tastes And Size

Wednesday, 9 March 2016 6:45:40 PM Australia/Sydney

On the web, on e-shop, social network, or in a shop, you'll inevitably the heart for rugs. Adding a little more heat to the room, the rugs sets the tone in the decoration and often determines the mood you want to create in the room. To choose it, it will take into account the colour of the room where you want to install, but also the style of furniture, if light wood or dark wood, if the seats are covered with a cloth patterned curtains or grow with it. The idea is to create a beautiful harmony, each decorative element account.


Rugs Shopping Online Australia


Reflecting the size of the rug and the rug fit the shape of the part

For choosing the rug, it is important to give the shape of the part and its surface.


For example, avoid rugs in a small room, making the space even more cramped. In a small space, it is best to let the apparent soil and cover it slightly in the center. As for patterns or colours, small parts prefer neutral shades and united mats that do not clutter the surface.


The large rugs are more suitable for large rooms. These have the advantage of letting you express your creativity as they offer the freedom to play with colour and patterns. This is a large room that you can install a large rug pattern patchworks or neon colours and eccentric. A large space has more possibility of development and offers more choice in terms of rug.

About the exact dimensions of a rugs, so it does not invade the space, observe the rule that the surface of a rug does not exceed a quarter of the room. Otherwise, the rug could stifle the room.


The "standard" size of a carpet according to the documents:

  • 50 x 80 cm for bath mats and kitchen
  • 150 x 57 cm for a kitchen rug
  • 60 x 110 cm or 120 x 170 cm for an entry or hallway
  • 160 x 230 cm for the living room

If you want to have the rug under furniture, under a sofa, a buffet or as a coffee table, make sure it exceeds both sides (50 cm minimum).

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