Stellar Aussie Pillows by Jaspa

Stellar Aussie Pillows by Jaspa

Quilted for comfort and filled with ExcelFibre® - specially enhanced polyester fibres promoting good health and restful sleep.  Fully elasticised 40cm skirting to fit all types of beds and reduces movement on the mattress.  Covered with high quality cotto

Family Care Mattress Protector by Jaspa

Mandy Talbot No 35 Aussie Pillows by Jaspa

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Suitable for stomach sleepers

Filled with 500 grams of virgin polyester
Spunbond cover.
Filled with 500 grams of  virgin polyester,

in a spunbond cover.

Suitable for back and tummy sleepers.

Gentle machine wash.
Made in Australia.
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