Anfora Linen is family owned business set on a primary target of providing the most luxurious bedding following the mission to making their customer satisfied as customer satisfaction is Anfora linen reward.

Melbourne base bedding company who provide their service of products in Australia, New Zeland.Anfora sourcing and manufacturing units are in different countries from plucking cotton to delivering the products is in the hand of Anfora.

Anfora was started by making base of highly quality stitched pin tuck quilt covers which are eye catching even in a crowded face. Their expert team worked on studying modern trends and converting their innovative ideas into long lasting products. They highly focused on bedroom décor that their bedding should be suited for almost every kind of interior of room and create a stunning look. They also focused on specially a bedding should be a highlighted area where any individual couldn’t resist without admiring it.Anfora did not just create a bedding it makes a relationship with consumer as their appreciation by other is also Anfora responsibility. We don’t just target only single class we make products keeping in mind the consumer preferences on basis of demographically and geographically.

Anforna linen is the mirror of modern trends of bed linens; our expert designers bring innovative designs that led your room a place beyond the imagination. We target demographically keeping in mind the taste of consumer, latest trends, comforts and enhancement of beauty of your place.Anforna Products are visualized even in a crowded environment due its uniqueness on the basis of its designs and fabrications. Through creativity and experience our bedding products are made from top quality fabrics which fulfill our commitment to supply most luxurious bedding off all time. Our materials are utilized in such a way that it brings a quality product which is everlasting.

If you want to move on step forward from the from latest trends then chose Anfora because we provide those ranges that you couldn’t find anywhere else as Anfora doesn’t even source it from any manufacturing unit they have their own production line the process from selecting and buying fresh pluck cotton to best quality stitched is gone through anfora naked eye and they don’t risk their quality other manufactures so their sources are from their production units every step is highly checked and produced by their expert teams.

Every product base relies on its raw material so Anfora doesn’t compromise on that specially they use fresh plucked cotton and it is plucked after their inspection and after plucking factory process starts  in their  ginning process where long length fiber are filtered and selected for yarn making where in spinning sector best quality comed yarn is produced.Commed yarn is run through looms and dyed process after coming to last department of stiching  where the handmade stitching are done to produce best quality of pintuck designs even stunning pintuck designs are produced by hands even machines can deceive but handmade are carefully checked from edges to center to end everything is beyond the expectations.

Our prices are even in range of almost every individual as we don’t want our products to be in only one fixed society because we want to bring smile to every face we want every bed share our bedding.

Anfora doesn’t want profits to be primary function its primary function is satisfaction and smile of every individual who use top shelf quality bedding

Join hands with Anfora and become a part if us.