What size is a queen bed sheets in Australia

Queen size bed sheets has most demand than any other size in Australia as Queen size beds are the most prefer  sized bed in Australia,it measures in at 153 centimeters by 204 centimeters.. It is slightly larger than a double mattress as this is why the top shelf brands of Australia mainly focus on Queen Size rather than other.

Elan Linen Queen Bed sheet set

 It's marginally smaller than a king (15 cm width-wise)

Mostly suppliers and brand make sure there Queen size stocks has more variation and there inventory level should be more than any other size.

It is common that most of the Australian prefers Queen Bed size which takes reasonable space in your room and can easily accommodate two adults and can easily have good night sleep.

Queen size has been modified with availability of different variation of sizes which include Mega Queen and Super Queen.

Queen Bed Sheet Sizes Chart Australia (AU)



Fitted sheets

Flat Sheet





Queen Size

153 x 203 x 40 cm

60 x 80 x 16 In

240 x 260cm

94.5 x 103 In

Mega Queen

153 x 203 x 50cm

60 x 80 x 16 In

270 x 270cm

106 x 106 In

Super Queen

153cm x 204 x 40cm

60 x 80 x 16 In

274 x 270cm

107 x 106 In

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Can I use king sheets on queen bed?

King size fitted sheets is 30 cm wider then Queen Size so it won’t fit on Queen Size mattress perfectly. It will be much bigger in size, but not in shaped right to get a good snug tuck in. The sheet will get wrinkled and messy, and you won’t feel comfortable under your body. The Flat sheets will be very wide, but not extra-long. It will be usable, but an awful lot of fabric to deal with.

King and queen fitted sheet size (AU)

King size Fitted Sheet

Queen size Fitted sheet


153 x 203 x 40 cm

King flat sheets can be used in Queen size bed as the as the length 270 cm length is same and king size width is 40 cm is more then queen which can easily can tuck inside the mattress or can be ignored if it placed on queen bed.


Queen Flat sheets and King Flat sheets size AU

Queen size flat sheets

King size flat sheets   

240 x 260cm


As there is only 20cm difference in width in flat sheets but there will be bit more fabric in width but it can be ignorable

2) Can queen sheets fit a double bed?

Queen size bed sheets are larger for a double bed size, but they can fully cover the mattress. Their larger size may result in a loose fit.

As Queen size fitted sheet is 26 cm wider then of double size but Flat sheets may be used as Queen size is 6cm larger in length by double size and 12 cm wider by double size.

The Queen flat sheets will mostly unnoticeable on double size bed

Double Size Bed sheet (AU)

Fitted Sheet


Flat Sheet



 3)Can Queen Flat sheets be used as fitted sheet?

233 cm wide fabric you need to easily tuck in mattress in Queen bed so yes Queen flat sheet can be used if you make them 4 hospital corner and tuck them into mattress as flat sheet width is 240 cm and you need 233cm to cover the queen bed mattress so it can easily fit into corners.

Queen flat sheet size:240 x 260cm

Queen Fitted sheet’s 203 x 40 cm

Yes it can be used by simply make four hospital corners and tuck the excess sheet under your mattress.