Bamboo Sheets are a Softer, More Breathable Option

bamboo sheet sets

Cariloha Bamboo sheets still attract customers seeking the simplest in naturally luxurious linens. Not only are they softer than other natural and artificial fabrics, but they also keep you warm within the winter and funky within the summer because of bamboo’s inherent thermal-regulating properties. They’re extremely helpful for people that suffer from night sweats, skin irritations, or sensitivities. If that wasn’t enough, bamboo sheets are odor resistant and good for the environment, too. But, don’t take our word for it…

Read the helpful insights from this media product reviewer who shares her personal, unbiased experiences with Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets

Amazing Bamboo Sheets – Luxury Linens


Our home is filled with people with skin issues and allergies so what comes in touch with our faces is often either soothing or damaging. When it involves bed linens, we've to take care of what we use in order that they don’t cause either folk to interrupt out from extra moisture or chemical irritation. I recently contacted Cariloha to ascertain if I could review their Bamboo Sheets. Having read other reviews, I used to be hopeful that these would bring a cheerful compromise to our bedroom. While I do enjoy doing product reviews, I tend to be one who doesn’t like posing for them. This was one instance where I didn’t mind in the least reaching bent a corporation and posing for an opportunity to review their products. Not only was it a requirement in our home, but I used to be hoping it might be something I could honestly promote as an excellent product for you, too.

bamboo sheet sets

We received a group of Bamboo Sheets in green for our California King bed. With sizing only listed as King, I used to be actually a touch dubious about them fitting our slightly larger bed well. Thankfully, I had nothing to stress about thereupon. Not only did they fit great, but they also had even a touch extra room for a pillow top or deeper style. assets sheets are often tough to seek out for King or California King and this company does it right.

Right out of the package, these sheets feel better than any sheet I even have ever are available contact with. Not only were they the softest sheets I even have ever had, but they're also breathable, too. In the past, I even have had “silk” and “satin” sheets that felt smooth and crazy on my skin but weren’t very breathable. They left me sweating and uncomfortable in summer temperatures. What I used to be trying to find was a sheet set that might offer the softness and therefore the breathable fabric we would have liked to stay from being too hot or holding moisture against our skin in the dark.


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