How to care for Cotton Bed Sheets


Clean, fresh, 100% cotton sheets are the right end to any long day. But pure cotton sheets do tend to urge wrinkles, especially when new. Hotel often use sheets made from cotton and polyester, which makes them less wrinkly, but they only don’t feel as nice as smooth, soft, cotton percale sheets. So, what to do?

If you'll get past the unsightly look, you'll do nothing. Your body will place tension on the sheets as you sleep and they’ll be a touch less wrinkly subsequent day. You could, of course, iron them. But, let’s face it, few folks enjoy the task, and who even has the time? Or you can follow our tips below to urge your crisp cotton sheets looking less wrinkled, without an iron in view.

how to car for cotton bed sheets to reduce wrinkles


Prevention is best than cure


Best thanks to wrinkle free sheets is to stop them wrinkling much within the first place.

  • - untangle your sheets before placing within the machine.

  • - don’t overload the machine or the dryer. once they get squashed, they get wrinkly! One sheet at a time would be best, on the other hand you’d be doing laundry forever. A more practical option is one sheet set at a time.

  • - remove promptly at the top of the cycle and dry.

  • - use low temperatures for laundry and drying to stop wrinkles setting in. 

Wash regularly


Fresh, clean sheets are the simplest . Ideally, you ought to be washing sheets hebdomadally approximately because they accumulate body oils and mud at a lightning fast rate. But washing has another benefit – it helps to scale back wrinkles. this is often because pure cotton sheets like ours are made up of very fine, long-staple fibres which may be a touch stiff when new, but relax with repeated washing. So not only your sheets get softer but also less susceptible to wrinkling with time. Win-win!




The way you dry your sheets will certainly impact how wrinkled they appear afterwards. We always recommend air drying if possible, and not simply because there’s nothing better than the texture and smell of air dried sheets. Hanging sheets on the road lets them hang smooth and flat and therefore the weight of the water in them means gravity does much of the wrinkle removing work for you.

If air drying isn't an option, then dry on low heat. For best results, remove them from the dryer while they’re still a touch bit damp and put them straight back on the bed. they're going to dry quickly and almost wrinkle free! And if you’ve left them within the dryer too long, just pop a wet facewasher or two in there and provides it another jiffy .

And in fact it goes without saying, regardless of which way you dry them, just confirm you are doing it as soon because the washing is finished. Nothing sets in wrinkles better than leaving your sheets to take a seat during a crumpled, wet heap.




The clothes steamer has the unbeatable combination of warmth and water that wrinkles just can’t survive. If you've got one among these, you’re in luck. Sheets in fact are much larger than clothes, so folding them once or twice are going to be required to hold them in order that they're nice and flat and straightforward to run the steamer wand over them. Then watch the wrinkles disappear from your sheets in almost no time.




No steamer? It’s ok. Put the contour sheet on the bed and confirm it’s nice and taut. the strain combined with plain water is what helps to urge the wrinkles out. Grab a sprig bottle, set it to mist and provides the whole sheet a light-weight spray, sides included. the thought is to dampen the sheet slightly, to not soak the bed, so don’t overdo it. And you have to move your hand across the crease firmly, smoothing them out and leave the sheet to dry. Then do an equivalent with a tucked in flat sheet on top. It helps to try to to this within the morning so there’s many time for the sheets to dry. This method won't be as effective as a steam treatment but you ought to see a clear reduction in wrinkles and creases.


“Hot” tip


If you've got a dryer, you'll try popping some freshly washed wet towels in there for up to 10 minutes then laying them hot and still steaming on your made-up bed for a couple of minutes. Then give the bedding a touch of a shake and voila! Wrinkles be gone. The dampness will evaporate in no time.

And there you go. Iron free ways to get rid of wrinkles from your sheets. For more recommendations on the way to properly look after your bedding, head to our Care Guide. Or have a glance at our new Stonewashed Cotton Percale sheets which have a special super soft finish and don't require ironing.