The choice of bed linen for yourself or your loved ones - not just the right, fascinating, but sometimes rather complicated. Countless colors, endless options for decorating dozens of variety of materials, but most importantly, the size of which varies considerably, even among producers of one country, finally leads to a deadlock inexperienced buyer.


Therefore, in order not to be left without buying pre-armed with measuring tape and carefully measure the length and width of your blankets, mattresses and pillows. Ideally, the duvet cover should exceed 5 centimeters sizes blankets and sheets to be 80 - 100 inches wider mattress. A start in the first place, experts recommend it with a blanket cover.

dimensions of bed linen

So, depending on the size traditionally distinguish 5 main varieties of bedding: one and a half, double, double "Euro" ("Euro-maxi" or "European standard"), family and children.

Bastard Bed Linen

Usually consist of 1 or 2 pillowcases, sheets and quilt covers. Dimensions in inches may vary as follows:
Pillowcase: 60x60, 50x70, and 70x70. It is noteworthy that the choice of pillow you need to consider the height of the pillow. Thus, the size of 50x70 and 70x70 are designed to cushion the same length and width, but different heights.
Sheets: 160x210, 160x220, 150x215 or 180x260.
Quilt cover: 145x215, 150x210, 150x215, 155x215 or 160x220.

Double Bed Linen

Include sheets, 2 or 4 pillowcases, duvet cover. Dimensions are in the range:
Pillowcase: 50x70, 60x60, and 70x70.
Sheets: the most common sizes 220x240 and 240x260, but can meet and 175x210, 175x215, 210x230, 215x220.
Quilt cover: 175x210, 175x215, 180x210 or 180x215.

Double sets of "Euro"

The kit consists of two or four pillowcases, quilt covers and one single bed sheets. Dimensions:
Pillowcases: all available in two variations: 50x70 and 70x70.
Sheets: 220x250 and 220x270, 240x215, 240x260 and 240x280.
Duvet cover: the most common size, which uses the vast majority of manufacturers – 200x220, 220x240 less common (satin and jacquard kits On Silk).

Family suites

It is believed that in one double bed couple will hide two different blankets, so equipment sets is as follows: two-half blanket cover, 2 pillowcases or 4, one double bed sheet. Dimensions:
Pillowcase: 50x70 or 70x70 standard.
Sheets: 240x260 or 240x280.
Quilt cover: corresponds to one and a half the size of each producer – 145x215, 150x210, 150x215, 155x215 or 160x220.

Children sets

Most often corresponds Bastard bedclothes, but there is only one set of pillowcases. Dimensions:
Pillowcase: 50x70 and 70x70 usual.
Sheets: 150h210 (214) or 180h260.
Quilt cover: the most common size – 160x220, sometimes on sale you can find quilt covers 143x215, 145x210 or 148x215.