Let it be serene and did not "Indian" and the feminine summer!
Let there be a lot of care, kindness and beauty.
Be happy here and now - not some time somewhere,
Friends and family let them give love and flowers!


bed linen gift for mothers

You gave the family for so many years
Cook, wash and bake,
Gave us their smiles light
Hearth treasured family sensitively.
Concern for the care answering
We all adore you.
Be healthy and happy, dear.
We heartily thank you for everything!


Everything was in life:
The joy, the pain of loss,
We raised you tired of not knowing
In forgetting worries about himself.
Thank you for all the same, my dear,
And for many, many years, even you.
Today den_ your birthday,
And how much knocked - no matter.
So be eternally young -
After all, life is given to us all day!


Sweet, nice, dear,
Do not be sad about today's.
You are for us so young,
Even with grey hair.
We are your wrinkles invisible,
And for us you beautiful is not.
Be thou a beautiful and cherished
Many, many years


You are, as always, full of worries,
After all, life was not easy.
Oh, how difficult and serious days
According to your heart gone!
You deserve a life of joy
On many days have come.
So whether it is a happy, healthy
And every day, and every year!

Not bowed with sorrow
And do not be sad in the silence of the night.
Congratulations to you today,
We wish you happiness from the heart!


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