Bright colors and fun pictures - Living Textile baby bedding bring your child a lot of new and positive emotions. It features high quality tailoring, practicality and, of course, interesting design, which are so popular with children.


Bed linen for children must meet the highest standards, because of how our child to sleep comfortably, depends for its well-being and health. After sleeping on a comfortable bed, a warm little bed, your child will be full of strength and energy for play and learning. Calm children's sleep will bring a good mood, not only children but also their parents.


living textiles baby bedding


Beautiful bed linen by Living Textiles - a great way to please your baby. It will not have the power to drag in the bed! Vivid pictures of familiar and beloved characters will become the best companions on a journey to dreamland dreams. Disney's "sweet couple" Mickey and Mini Mouse on the background of bright stripes - a real explosion of good feelings. Runs on the duvet cover Winnie the Pooh and Tiger cheer up. For lovers of cats kits fit with the image of white fluffy and other species, the most unexpected colorings, which is unlikely, you'll see even at a cat show. Linens with melancholic dog, playing the saxophone in the children's bedroom create a pleasant atmosphere for games and recreation. Pink whale floating in the blue sea; shake the imagination of even the avid readers of Jules Verne. A set of gray-striped with "dogs" looks very stylish and a child restraint. Village cow with long horns and bang bring into the bedroom charming atmosphere of calm and comfort. A drawing in the anime style - always at the height of children's fashion. Each design - is a world in which they live good and funny cartoon characters and stories that will give your child the joy and good dreams.


It is worth noting that for the production of Living Textiles linen apply natural cotton fabrics. Cotton meets all the requirements of hygiene and practicality. Using a sewing cotton poplin allows to achieve high quality products at a relatively low price. The optimum ratio "price-quality" make Living Textiles linen excellent choice. Poplin is the fabric, resulting plain weave having a loose structure, but quite dense. Its properties poplin resembles coarse calico, but surpasses its softness. At the same time, it is not inferior in calico and practicality in the wash does not fade for a long time. Using pattern when applied imported dyes and modern methods of coloring makes baby products. Living Textiles absolutely safe for health, which is also confirmed by the corresponding certificates.


By purchasing Living Textiles baby bedding in our online store, you will achieve several goals: to gladden the child, save and get the thing is high quality and practicality.