History does not remember the time when deep shag rugs were not particularly popular. They always look luxurious in the bedrooms and children's rooms and living rooms. Shaggy rugs are able to make any room a cozy. And go on such a rug - a heavenly pleasure, agree?

Now you can buy any size of the shaggy rug.



Shaggy rugs are made of two kinds of materials:

  • Synthetic - viscose, polyester
  • Natural - cotton yarn, wool

The rugs with long pile of handmade produced in Pakistan and China. They are usually distinguished by original design and excellent quality.

What you need to know?


1. Choosing a rug with a long nap, pay attention to the elasticity of its fibers - gently push the pile and drop it. The faster he straightens, the higher the elasticity of the pile.


Naturally, the better carpet pile with elastic. Since it will last longer. And do not lose the pristine appearance.


2. Carefully read the label carpet. It must be specified weight to its pile. The more it is, the better the product. It is also important to the density was quite high.


And how to clean it?

Manufacturers do not recommend washing only use vacuum cleaner. But what do you do?

During warmer months, knock out a shaggy rug on the street, hanging it on a pipe or a solid stick. And in the winter - clean the carpet with snow (in the old :)).