Why choose silk?

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This is an issue we are commonly asked about by new customers. they need to hear that silk bed sheets are superior, perhaps from their mother or grandmother, and that they have an interest in giving silk a try. So why is silk considered the foremost luxurious fabric for bedding?

Silk is really smooth fabric and feels great on the skin.
Silk may be a naturally hypoallergenic fabric and resists dust, fungus, mold, and lots of other allergens.
Silk is great for all climates, from cold winter nights to broiling summers, you'll sleep in silk and be incredibly comfortable (more on this below)
Silk is the longest enduring natural fabric.
Silk is great for your skin and hair, it helps you keep moisture and reduce damage caused by higher friction fabrics.
Choosing to shop for silk is like choosing to shop for Amish furniture – it lasts much, for much longer than anything you'll purchase. once you get uninterested in purchasing new sheets each season, then it’s time to get silk. Silk outlasts every other natural fabric and features a lifespan on par with polyester. Unlike polyester, silk may be a wonderful feeling and good for you. That’s why it’s the simplest fabric.

However, take care to not buy poor quality silk, as you’ll learn within the next section, the standard of silk sheets matters even as very much like the thread count with cotton sheets.


Types of Silk and the way They Compare for Quality.


When you begin buying silk you ought to first educate yourself on the sorts of silk available and therefore the way during which silk is measured for quality. generally, it's helpful to understand the subsequent sorts of silk:

Charmeuse Silk is that the most ordinarily recognized sort of silk, it's utilized in everything from bedding to dresses to shirts. this sort of silk is lightweight and features a natural elasticity, which makes it the perfect fabric to be used in silk sheets, pillowcases, and other forms of bedding. The front of the material features a satin sheen thereto while the rear features a dull finish. Charmeuse is cultivated silk, meaning that the silkworms which produce it are farmed for his or her silk.

Mulberry Silk is that the highest quality of silk mulberry silk moth and therefore the most wanted for bedding. Most mulberry silk is really charmeuse silk that was cultivated from a special sort of silkworm which is fed a really strict diet. The domestic silkworm moth is that silkworm produces mulberry silk and it prefers to eat the leaves of the mulberry. This particular sort of silkworm has been bred in captivity for over 5,000 years! The careful breeding for quality and therefore the strict diet of mulberry leaves are what make the top product, mulberry silk, the very finest silk available today.

Tussah Silk is really silk made up of wild silkworms that haven't been bred. because the worms aren't fed a strict diet or protected within the same way that cultivated silkworms are, this sort of silk isn't as soft or durable as cultivated silk.

Habotai Silk is another great silk that's commonly used for creating sheets and bedding. Habotai is a smaller amount expensive but also less durable than charmeuse. Often this sort of silk is “washed” with sand to form it feel as soft as charmeuse. However, this washing process also destroys the fibers within the silk, which suggests it doesn’t last as long.

Dupioni Silk is robust, lustrous but coarse and not ideal for sheets and most bedding. Sometimes it is often utilized in duvets, but due to its quality, it doesn't work also to take care of temperatures. The lower quality is thanks to the very fact that this silk is formed from irregular cocoons that aren't of an equivalent quality you'd find in charmeuse silk.

Now that you simply know that mulberry silk is that the absolute best silk you furthermore may get to learn a touch about something called “Momme Weight”. Pronounced “mummy”, the momme weight is essentially a measurement of the load of the silk. This measurement was actually developed by the Japanese and is additionally wont to measure things like pearls.

To calculate the momme weight you would like to live a bit of cloth that's 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If this piece of cloth weighs 12 lbs then the momme weight of the material is 12. Obviously, this isn’t something you'll do for yourself while out shopping, so make certain to see labels for the manufacturer’s listing.

Habotai silk is typically only found with a momme weight of 5-15, while charmeuse silk is often anywhere from 12 to 30.

Ideally, you would like to seem for a momme weight of greater than 14 for bedding. Here at ElleSilk all of our bedding is formed with a momme weight of twenty-two. you'll almost never see bedding at a better momme.


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