Raegan Moya Jones is co-founder and CEO of the Aden and Anais. After moving from her native Australia to the United States, the news in 2003 that Raegan was expecting her first baby triggered many mixed feelings. Although her family was half way around the world, Australian motherhood traditions were always with her. On the top of her list were muslin wraps that Australian mother's use to swaddle their babies.


It was to her shock when she went looking for them in New York (America) that they were nowhere to be found. After searching stores across the U.S. for the soft, breathable wraps used by mothers everywhere in Australia, Raegan back to home empty-handed. Every swaddle she found was too small, too thick and in her mind just not right to utilize to swaddle her new baby girl, Anais. Before she could stop herself, Raegan was taking a page from Plato's Republic - inventing by way of necessity - and became an Economist employee turned baby industry entrepreneur—a mother on a operation, you might say. And in July 2006, Aden and Anais was born and can now be establish in thousands of stores across 63 countries, worldwide today.

Aden and Anais baby products

Nowadays our famous baby products are;


From the breathability and natural give to the softness and durability, they plan to convey global awareness of cotton muslin and all of its benefits. The irresistible response to their signature muslin products from parents, nurses, pediatricians, industry experts, lactation consultants, and even celebrities has been unbelievable.

Make Simpler The Lives Of Parents And Caregivers

Parenthood is a lucky thing but can also be very overwhelming. This is why we craft baby products that are as handy and valuable as they are gorgeous. Their swaddles work as stroller covers, tummy time blankets, nursing covers, burp cloths and more. Their bibs double as burp cloths. They do their best to make a baby safe and happy, and a parent's life easier, equals a job well done for Aden and Anais.

Aden and Anais Safety Priority Products

They kept safety top of mind when developing Aden and Anais product range. Each and every product goes through a careful course of testing before hitting the market—including tests by Raegan on her four girls. Whether it’s through eliminating loose blankets in the crib with sleeping bags, knowing the right method to swaddle or removing all harsh ingredients from their skin care and laundry care lines, they endeavor to make sure their brand persuades families to construct the safest environments for their baby.

Baby Looks Through Style

Their signature, charming prints are unique to the baby industry and make them who they are. Influenced by stories we hear, scenes we see or just inspiring colours, there is a sense at the back each of their designs that craft the patterns that complement your style and make your babies lovable.