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Kas Cushions Shop Online In Australia

Merletto Cushion By Kas

  • Cotton velvet
  • Lurex embroidered
  • Cushion Size 45x45 cm
  • Price: 37.95$

Valentino Cushion by Kas

  • Cotton velvet
  • Quilted stitch
  • Cushion Size 45x45 cm
  • Price: 30.95$

Wires Cushion by Kas

  • Appliqué tape on cotton canvas
  • Cushion Size 35x55 cm
  • Price: 24.95$

Frond Cushion by Kas

  • Embroidered on cotton
  • Available In Blue, Green, Lime
  • Price: 25$

Jellyfish Multi Cushion by Kas

  • Metallic embroidery on polyester
  • Cushion Size 50x50 cm
  • Price: 29.95$