On our site www.elanlilnen.com.au we are engaged in the sale of bed linen in Australia. By purchasing quality linens, sewn from natural materials by our brand partners, you choose comfort and convenience, a full and healthy holiday for your entire family. When choosing bedding, you must pay attention to the tissue from which it is sewn, and also pick up you feel comfortable with the colour and pattern. Set beautiful bed linen - it is also a useful practical gift, very nice linen look, and children will love the bedding featuring favorite cartoon characters.



Many brands are offering to buy bedding which is soft, silky, perfectly "breathes", and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, easy to wash. Same Bed linen we have for children.


We have bedding which will be pleased to cool the body in hot weather and warm in the cold. We sell jacquard higher price for bed linen. This fabric, which has in its composition of both natural and synthetic fibers, falls into the category of luxury. Its structure and a complex weaving of yarns resemble tapestry. Bed linen jacquard very nice, pleasant to the touch, characterized by strength and durability.


If you prefer to cotton, you can buy bed linen of calico. This thick solid, creasing fabric perfectly preserves the color. Bed linen from coarse calico environmentally friendly, hygienic, well-washed and do not shrink, easy to iron, durable.


Percale - a thin but very sturdy cotton fabric having a plain weave threads. Bed linen percale in quality closer to silk or satin, it can withstand more than 1,000 washes. Percale - very durable, but soft and smooth cloth. Products here at our site www.elanlinen.com.au offered to help you choose a brand which is carrying out the favorite designs and patterns of bed linen in Australia, and the price range in which you will like.