What is the best protection from the cold in the harsh winter season? A blanket! And who will protect the blanket from dirt and dust? This will only quilt cover, which is purchased separately according to the size.



Which quilt and quilt cover do you choose? Today there are many variations of this type of component sizes: 200 to 220, a semi, Euro 220x240 designed for adults and children's beds. But the most important parameter is the taste of the user:

Does he want to buy an economical quilt cover for children or for adults instead of a bed set?


Will choose the material meticulously colour?

Will look for the most delicate fabric?

We say, "Yes!" Such a serious approach. Because comfort in the bedroom is very important. And to find quilt covers (double and the other sizes) from a wonderful satin, tencel, cotton, jacquard fabrics today is not difficult. Where to buy Euro size quilt cover (separately) of satin and others?


All bedding kits and parts Our Company (Fab Linen) sell best single, double quilt covers in the online store!


We work with any queries: need a quilt cover size 200 euros or 220, satin or Tencel? Or you want to get a jacquard quilt cover? No problem – we have huge range of quilt covers. Buy a quilt cover decorate with lace edging or any colour.