The choice of bedding for your child - it is responsible and challenging. This is similar to the choice of toys: a toy can become a favorite for many years, just collecting dust in the closet. And bed linen. When properly selected bedding your child will be easy and fun to fall asleep and he will dream favorite cartoon characters.

It is difficult to imagine a child, never staring cartoons. Children live in a fantasy world and very much attached to your favorite cartoon characters, not wanting to part with them even in his sleep. Therefore, wanting to please our kids, to give them joy and good humor, was invented baby bedding featuring favorite fairy tale characters.

Modern manufacturers of bedding for kids offer a wide selection of drawings and pictures to any children's taste, so that the child could settle in his room of his favorite cartoon character, or suddenly are in dreamland filled with wonders. All this magical world of dreams where your child will settle with him in his room and his bed!

Baby bedding is divided into several groups, depending on your child's age and size of bed linen.

Bed Linen For Children (Up To 3 Years) has the most kind and funny pictures. Images such traditionally our kid’s favorite characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Tom and Jerry. Great love our kids enjoyed the image of good and cheerful little animals: dogs, cats, bunnies and bears.

Bed Linen For Children From 5 Years Old. In children older than other preferences, as a child of five linen with little animals already cannot be arranged, and the opinion of the owner of the room to be reckoned with! At this age, already has a large value of the child field. Girls want to be in the "bedroom Princess and the boys in the room "real man".

Linens For Girls

Here pink color, favorite romantic heroes, princes on white horses, fabulous fairies, princesses, beauties. Traditional Barbie, Pixie, and other cartoon character.

Linens For Boys

Do boys have many interests: cars, football, travel and adventure? In accordance with this easy to pick bedding for boys with a certain pattern. Modern heroes of our boys - this Batman and Spider-Man, as well as pirates, football players and race car drivers. Especially loved the modern boy’s cars from the animated film "Cars".

Linens For Teens

At this age, children always want to seem older. And the theme of the cartoons they no longer fit. Therefore, adolescents often want to see on their bedding images and scenes from favorite "adult" films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Harry Potter," "Star Wars." The symbolism of football and hockey clubs, images fireballs "Formula 1" has always attracted the attention of "real men".

Now, About The Size Of Baby Bedding

As a rule, the leading manufacturers of baby bedding release it in three main standards:

1. Bed Linen For Children (Baby) From 0 To 3 Years.

- Duvet cover 125x125 cm sheet 138 x 100 cm, pillow case 45x45 cm.
- Duvet cover 115h145 cm sheet 120 x 150 cm, pillow case 40x60 cm.

2. Bed Linen For Children (Junior) From 3 To 10 Years.

- Duvet cover 125 x 147 cm sheet 120 x 150 cm, pillow case 40x60 cm.
- Duvet cover 115 x 145 cm sheet 120 x 150 cm, pillow case 40x60 cm.

3. Bedding For Teens (Teenager) Of 10 Years - this is the usual one and a half set of bed linen, with only one pillow case.

- Duvet cover 145 x 215 cm sheet 150 x 215 cm, pillow case 70x70 cm or 50x70 cm.
- Duvet cover 148 x 215 cm sheet 150 x 215 cm, pillow case 70x70 cm or 50x70 cm.

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