Question 1 - In your store has allergenic pillows?

Answer: Yes, except anti-allergenic pillows have the same blankets, mattress covers and quilts. For detailed information on prices and quality of the products you can find on our site.

Question 2 - How can I order from your online store feather pillows?

Answer: You need to choose an item, add it to your cart and place an order. In the order is necessary to specify the exact delivery address and contact phone number. In addition, you can place your order by phone (61) 3 9014 9494.

Question 3 - Advise, what is the best pillow for sleeping?

Answer: The fact that each person is unique and immediately says, what goes better cushion, very difficult. However, our company (Elan Linen) has extensive experience of bedding, and we are confident in its unsurpassed quality. Therefore, you can opt for products confidently.

Question 4 - I would like to buy feather pillows on your website, tell me, how I can pay?

Answer: You can pay for your purchase feather pillows or any other order by credit card, Paypal, in fact, or transfer the amount to the account.

Question 5 - I want to buy a really good pillow, what assurance can provide your company?

Answer: We have more than 3 years working in the Australia market and during our selection of brand products we observe high standards of quality. In addition, we use only the finest brands products only, which also have a positive effect on the result.

Question 6 - I've heard that your company sells the best pillows than you can confirm this?

Answer: You can go to "quality", presented at our site and find out why people prefer our products. In addition, we have the pillows of Bambury, Ardor and Rockford company, which are best brands of Australia.

Question 7- Hello, I'm looking for the best pillows and blankets for the big bed, what would you advise?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with the sizes that are listed in the product description, you have the option to order the production of bedding on the individual sizes.

Question 8 - Is the best manufacturer Bambury pillows on Elan Linen?

Answer: You can evaluate the quality of our products upon request. And numerous customer reviews and prestigious awards speak about the success of our company and responsible attitude to our work.

Question 9 - Your feather pillows are simply the best, and I would like to make a gift to my mother?

Answer: We have a special gift sets; you can find them in the same section.

Question 10 - What products Elan Linen different from other retailers?

Answer: This is an interesting question. You can select multiple criteria, but the main, perhaps, will be the following: a wealth of experience (the company was founded in 2012), the highest quality, perfect service and lowest prices from others.

Question 11 - How much fluff in Bambury blankets?

Answer: We are very sensitive in the selection to the quality of products and therefore in Bambury blankets at least 70% down.

Question 12 - I need a gift for a niece's pillow, her whether there is children’s sizes?

Answer: Gift pillow or a set of bedding can be found on our website. All dimensions are indicated in the description of the goods, and if necessary, can be modified for the order.

Question 13 - As far as good quality of your pillow?

Answer: As a result, appreciate the quality of care can only customer and confirmation can say that all our customers are very satisfied with the quality of our branded pillows and other bedding.

Question 14 - I plan to buy pillows, where advantageous to order?

Answer: You can buy pillows of Bambury, Ardor, Rockford and other bedding on our site, prices from the manufacturer. Within Australia delivery is mostly free.