Appointment of a blanket cover to protect the blanket from contamination: fabric cover is very easily removed and washed. Also, this item bedding can be a great decoration of the bed and the whole room.

On the question of what to buy a quilt cover, should be treated seriously. After bedding - this is one of the essential components of good health and well-being of sleep. When choosing a quilt cover, pay attention to the type, size, colors and fabric from which he sewed.

Variety Of Quilt Covers

Current models differ quilt covers, above all, its cut. Distinguish these types of quilt covers:

  • With a hole in the middle - they were popular in the Australia. Usually it is a white bed with embroidery on the edge of the cut-diamond pattern
  • With a small hole in the side or bottom - alone insert a blanket in a quilt cover is not too convenient, so it is best to ask someone else in the household to help you in this
  • With a large hole - such quilt fastens with a zipper or buttons. Due to the large holes to remove and put them quite convenient

Size Quilt Cover

To select the right size quilt cover, you need to know the height and width of the blanket. Quilt cover should be 5-7 cm longer.

Today, the stores can be found duvet covers European size (160 x 220 cm), euro (200 x 220 cm), or children's quilt covers (125 x 175 cm).

Quilt Cover Material

Cotton. This is the most common material for the production of bedding sets, which combines practicality and naturalness. It is made from a variety of tissues from lung lawn to strong calico.

Flax. It is perfectly breathable, moreover, is able to maintain its strength even after repeated washings in the machine.

Silk. Linens from this tissue remain cool even in extreme heat, so it is best to lay the silk quilt in the summer.

Synthetic and Composite Fabrics. They can be used when the hygienic properties of bed set is not as important as durability. However, doctors do not recommend constantly sleeping on their underwear synthetics.

Color Quilt Cover

The pattern on the fabric plays a very important role in choosing a quilt cover. Large paintings have a stimulating effect, and small help to calm down and relax. Sound sleep also will give natural motifs.

Properly selected color bedding helps to correct sleep. Fast asleep allows white, pink gives a feeling of comfort, blue tint quilt cover is recommended to people who have nightmares. For those who want to be in the morning rested and alert, it is better to buy a quilt cover green. Yellow underwear helps to cope with depression.

Choose and buy a quilt cover will be able to without difficulty, if you take a note on some simple guidelines. You can get not one, but several good quilt covers in different colors to always change the bed to match the mood.