After you purchase a quilt, it is not to let it on the bed for years. For a comforter remains healthy and effective several years, some tips are needed.


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  • Regularly ventilate the quilt, shake it and spread it to make it take the swelling and remove dander.
  • Wash it once a year. Synthetic quilts fine support machine washing. For natural quilts, prefer the dry cleaning that does not break the fibers.
  • To prevent mold, let dry the quilt once cleaned.
  • Choose anti-bacterial treated quilts.
  • Do not beat the quilts and do not use a vacuum cleaner at the risk of breaking the fibers and structure.
  • If the quilt is stained, use a little soap diluted in warm water. Let dry. And try to use the doona coves to save it from the stains.
  • Do not overuse cleaning products when washing the quilt, this will only lubricate and increase the fiber that would breathe more.


Recycle end of life quilt


If your quilt is really in bad shape, drop it in waste disposal.

If your comforter has held the shock of years, wash properly and place it in a rescue center or social assistance that helps people in need. You can also give the exchange or sell on online in Australia!

Finally, you can also give to those who takes care our animal friends which may well need blankets to warm...