The most important element of any bedroom is considered to be bed. It sets the tone for the interior of the bedroom. Therefore, the bed design is very important for our interior. To make your bed look harmoniously, you need to pick up good bedspreads.

Most importantly on the bed is to use natural materials that do not cause allergies. There are different types of bedspreads.

Types of bedspreads for bedroom


A bedspread, Plaid can perform different functions. It can either decorate the bed or serve as insulation for the night.

Bedspreads can be made from different materials - natural or synthetic. Plaid made of natural fabrics will not cause you allergies, and the quality it has, of course, is better, but it can be more expensive than what you allow your opportunities.

Plaid made of synthetic fabrics such as fleece, will be cheaper, and well warm you in winter.


Silk bedspreads are a sign of high status of the owner of the house. For this used natural and artificial silk. To create a natural silk fibers using silkworms, and to create an artificial need cellulose.

From artificial silk bedspreads to make good 2 bed. Especially beautiful is the veil will look in the bedroom newlyweds. These covers are shining, they are lightweight and durable, they are pleasant to the touch, easy to wash out and absorb moisture.


Linen bedspreads are quite comfortable to use. To create these bedspreads are used as natural cotton and blended fabrics, composed of polyester and viscose, polyester and cotton. Bedspreads with their hands in the bedroom it is possible to create from cotton. But covered with pillowcases to bedrooms will be an excellent complement to the interior.

The advantages of such covers are that it is hypoallergenic, it falls to the pile, it can be operated for a long time, it is easy to wash and iron. But there are drawbacks. Thus, after the washing machine it can take, and may wrinkle.


Bedspread with pillowcases to bedrooms can be made from jacquard. Jacquard is a complex tissue that is created on the machine by weaving different threads. Sometimes the process involves many as 24 filaments. Jacquard can either consist of natural cotton fibers and synthetic. Jacquard has many advantages. This material will last for a long time, it is not rubbed, and the brightness had saved for a long time. Wash it as you can in the car, or manually. It is desirable that the water temperature is thirty degrees.

Bedspread 1 bed of such material will look good, but it is not recommended to use laundry bleach.


Bedspreads made of satin are also in demand by the people. Instructions for the care of such a simple bedspread - a laundry in the washing machine using a mild laundry detergent. Satin fabric nice, warm, gives a sense of freshness in the heat, it is easy to wash. To bedspread was warmer, it is made of two layers of satin, with the gasket. Bedspread satin obtained stylish, and with their help you can make your bedroom, it will look beautiful.