The bed is still the place where you spend on average one third of his life. That's a lot, and it requires adequate hygiene. Besides the pleasure to sleep in clean sheets and fresh smelling fabric softener, it is important to regularly wash sheets and quilt covers, which rapidly accumulate sweat, dead skin and dust mites. "Do not use too short wash cycle and low temperature, otherwise the machine is not sufficiently rinsed and not kill the mite eggs," advises Patrick Rufin, allergist.


Wash Quilt Covers to Avoid Asthma and Allergies


"People don’t tend to wash their quilt covers; same for the pillows should be washed at least once a month. To contain mites that abound there, the doctor advises to "put mite covers on the mattress, quilt and pillows," recalling in passing that these little critters “that can trigger asthma and allergies".